As an entrepreneur, you already know that energy matters a whole lot.

So when your office feels ‘off’ … or ‘not right’ … or agitates you … or isn’t in alignment …  you know that your energy -- and your work -- is taking a direct hit.

Maybe your furniture doesn’t feel right, no matter what you do. Maybe on a video call, people focus on the busy bookshelf behind you -- or the blank white wall -- instead of hearing you. You may not know, exactly, what’s wrong, but one thing’s for sure: something’s not right. The question is: what will you do about it?

Here's an idea

Here’s an idea -- work with me. I’ll help you figure out where your desk should go, what color to paint your walls, what to put at your back so everyone who sees your videos thinks ‘how wonderful it must be to be her, in that space!’ and all of the little details so you feel more at ease, totally at home, and completely held by your office.

Because when you feel this way, it spills out into the lives of your clients, so they show up more fully and boldly … which impacts their clients, families, and communities. And so on.

Judith Tamarah
ImageJudith Tamarah

I help healers, artists and entrepreneurs transform their workspaces so that their best work gets done. And I hold a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture at the University of Oregon and am Certified in Design Psychology.

Because the place where you work impacts everything about that work, I help you create deeply nurturing offices, studios, and rooms that look -- and feel -- like Who You Really Are.

Life’s too short to marinate in the energy of a space you don’t love. And you’re too much of an original to work in an office that’s not specifically designed for you. Let’s get that handled now, shall we?

Judith Tamarah

You are invited

To a Fresh Look at your Space.

Enjoy 30 minutes with me.

Together we will look at what’s “feeling off” about your office and what simple actions can be taken to bring your space into alignment with the way you want to feel in your life.


I love to talk about what makes an office a beautiful place.

My workshops and talks teach you how to choose the special colors, objects and materials that will align your office with your bravest and most brilliant vision for your business -- and your life.

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