A Little Breathing Room

'Doorway' Definition

The card Doorway describes the brief space that connects two places.

When this card comes up we notice what places in our lives are asking to be brought together. For example, maybe we act one way at work and a different way with our families.

Doorway offers a vantage point where we see the commonalities between different parts of ourselves that we think of as being separate. It gives us a place to witness the complexities of our selves and our worlds and helps us settle into greater wholeness.

This month's card is soft and gentle.

This past summer had a lot of transitions. Many of us found ourselves leaving familiar environments and moving into new, emotionally unfamiliar places. These places were both the internal spaces of our psyches and identities, and our external world, some of us moving out of our homes, others responding to the world changing around us. Much of our energy this summer went into managing our energy so that we could enter these new places with as much grace as possible.

The card Doorway helps us bring together parts of ourselves and helps us feel whole after the changes we have gone through.

I was talking to a friend of mine this week. She has been moving into a new place -- making changes in her work and her life, as well as literally moving out of the home she has lived in. Instead of moving out of her old home, and moving directly into a new, freshly purchased home, she and her husband are inhabiting an "in-between" home, a furnished house overlooking a lake that she can flexibly rent until May.

This gives her a little breathing room.

From this vantage point, she can see both where she is coming from and where she is going. It's helping her get clear about what she wants in her future house, giving her a pause to consciously choose a home that fits her better and resonates with the new life she is creating.

Her in-between home is an example of a doorway. A doorway connects two space. And it is also a brief space itself.

This month is a Doorway time. It is a pause between two places, whether that is 'where we are coming from' and 'where we are going'; or between two parts of ourselves, such as who we are when we work, and who we are when we play. It links these two parts together, noticing the similarities, drawing together the differences, holding onto and preserving what serves us best so that we show up with greater wholeness in our lives.  

The intensity of the past summer may have left us feeling ripped apart. We may feel disoriented, or that the world has shattered around us. We may also feel free, like we've begun a great adventure, sloughing off the unnecessary and moving into a radically new world. Doorway says that even with this great transition there are commonalities, stabilities, familiar things that are here, that remain, that are at the surface right now. And this is a good thing.

Say to yourself: "I am standing in the doorway. I am standing in the doorway between two places." It is a pause.

Then ask "What are the spaces that I'm standing between?" What spaces of yourself are you connecting together in this moment, by your presence?

For my friend, and for all of us, the challenge of Doorway is to fully settle here, in this pause, and take in the power of both worlds you are seeing. Knowing that they are connected, belong together, and both belong to you.

'Doorway' Action Plan

Doorway is a healing card whenever you are entering into new territory, or one in which you feel unsure.

Take a pause. Where you are going is not completely unfamiliar. The skills that you have used in your past will serve you wherever you are going. Doorway suggests that you bring items that feel familiar into new spaces, encouraging a sense of commonality and wholeness in all the parts and places of your life.


Standing in the Doorway.

Judith Tamarah
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