Wayward in Your Space

Wayward in Your Space

Relax. Allow things to drift and find their natural place.

Our outer worlds -- our office, our home, and the world at large -- are constantly moving.

New gifts and opportunities appear on our horizon all the time. Wayward reminds us to lovingly relax our grip on things that are naturally flowing out of our world that we may be clinging to because of identity or habit. This creates wiggle room and space for new structures that are more aligned with who we are currently and who we are becoming.

It is super hot today.

Which works for this card, because when I see this card I think of a cat on a really hot day.


This card asks: "How relaxed can you get? Can you get so relaxed and melty that you get out of your own way?" The world is bringing gifts to us that are so foreign, unexpected, and strange that we may not recognize them. Furthermore, our current structure does not have ROOM to receive them. By gently melting, we begin to release our grip on our current ways of doing and thinking in order to make room for new ones.

It’s a very actively passive card if that makes sense.

Here is an example. I have a friend who is a wonderful healer with a therapeutic massage studio. Her workspace, while beautiful, was feeling like a burden. It had been set up to be shared with a number of other healing professionals, but she had been experiencing this as a financial, organizational, and administrative weight.

I’m going to breeze past the ins and outs of events and say that now she is without lease or workplace. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she has found herself not only relieved of that weight but without any stable space lined up to practice in.

Our environments are forever in flux, responding to the changes we are going through, and to the input from the world around us. Allowing that flux means that our environment continues to update and align with us and we with it, reflecting and expanding our inner world in all its beauty.

The card Wayward indicates that structures in our world are changing, disappearing, and dissolving. My friend’s story holds a perfect example of Wayward. Though I know there is a part of her that has to talk herself out of hyperventilating about all this, she is doing an amazing job of getting out of her own way. And by being open to different workspace possibilities, new gentler and kinder ways of doing her work are appearing.

When our horizons change we often try to recreate what was familiar even if it was not working well for us. Wayward says that when we relax and allow ourselves to drift in this new landscape, we open ourselves to new ways of doing things that are more effortless, spacious and can truly change our lives.

Besides, it’s a really hot day. We’re cats. We might as well melt.

Waywardness practice for your workspace (or home).

Consciously or not, we are influenced by the objects that surround us. Bring objects into your office that reflect the values you hold and resonate with the vision you have of your life. Then relax. Wayward moves us effortlessly into alignment with the meanings of these objects, supporting us to make the changes we want in our lives.


the cat

Judith Tamarah
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How does this deck work anyway?

I created a deck of cards that ‘reads’ our environments. It's still a little mysterious to me. How, I ask, can the cards 'read' the environment if they can't even 'see" it? However, they have proven again and again to be amazingly helpful in both creating designs for my clients and helping all sorts of people understand their relationship with their workspaces and home spaces in order to feel more spacious, free and alive.

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